match your candidates / employees

You can! Fast, simple and cheap

Seen a project on IT-Contracts for which you have the best candidate? Contact the employer online via IT-Contracts and make a match! Buy credits to offer your candidates to other employers or agencies. You can keep your candidates anonymous and any application will be send to the other party without any delays. It goes without saying that we can not guarantee that the advertise is interested in your candidate. No extra charges for successful matches!

Let us help you match your candidates with hunderds of open jobs and projects:
  • create an unlimited amount of candiate profiles
  • apply online and directly to the employer or agency, with or without a candidate's profile
  • make your candidates public for other IT-Contracts users
  • subscribe to jobs-by-email; our keyword-based mailinglist

Make your choice:

Apply 10 times within 1 month à € 90
Unlimited applications of unlimited candidates within 1 month à € 250
Unlimited applications of unlimited candidates within 6 month à € 1,000

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