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Are you interested in working in the Netherlands as an IT contractor? You'll find your new role on! New temp jobs are being posted constantly. You can find a new job by using search terms or register your personal profile and wait for employers to contact you. Inscribe on our mailing list or upload your CV.

The job board IT-Contracts started in 2000 to make it easier for IT contractors to find a new freelance job. In the meantime we dare to state that no good IT professional needs to be jobless as long as he checks IT-Contracts regularly. There is always a suitable job to find since the flow of postings is endless.

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Becoming a contractor in the Netherlands?

Are you thinking about becoming a freelancer in the Netherlands? Take a look at the following sites: Chamber of Commerce - Kamer van Koophandel, Belastingdienst, Wikipedia or ZZP-Nederland for more information.